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 Christina Samoylov 


From using my first-grade desk as a marketplace

to eBay-ing my way through high school to a

showroom filled with 2 million dollars of vintage

Chanel, this is how it all started...

Selling products has always been in my blood; academia wasn’t. What I didn’t know was that I was dyslexic. I naturally found my knack in life early on by selling knick-knacks on my desk to other students, in first grade. By middle school I had advanced to the realms of the World Wide Web and by high school I had advanced to eBay in the early 2000’s. Growing up to conservative mid-western parents being an entrepreneur never crossed my mind. As a B average student, I struggled throughout school and never truly thought I was smart enough to take my hobby and turn it into a career. It wasn’t until I left college as a political science major and started my career in retail as a sales associate at Forever 21, that I knew this is where I wanted to be but in a much bigger way. I fought tooth and nail to climb up the retail ladder and landed a job at Nordstrom after three tries. It was here my manager, Nicole urged me to enroll in The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and shortly thereafter I decided to sell everything I owned, move across the country with nothing more than a suitcase and my car and give life on the west coast a shot, once and for all.

Selling everything I owned,

moving across country and

getting my business and

retail chops through

Nordstrom, Juicy Couture, Tiffany’s, 

FIDM and B-School was the best preparation...

Living in LA wasn’t all glitz and glam as I had imagined and working at Nordstrom was more of a hustle than it was fun. I quickly realized living in Los Angeles, if I ever wanted anything of my own, I needed to work for myself. As crazy as it sounds, I traded selling designer clothes at Nordstrom for roaming the streets of Los Angeles thrift stores to buy items I could resell on eBay for a profit—and it put me through college. Of course all that would change when I moved to San Diego. My previous gig of buying and selling wouldn’t fly in the San Diego suburbs, so I took a seasonal gig at Tiffany & Co. as a personal shopper. It was there I realized exactly what I love, the highest level of customer service combined with some of the most beautiful gems on earth. Unfortunately, as they say, all good things do come to an end and my time at Tiffany & Co came to a natural close and I moved onto work at a Juicy Couture Outlet. Working at an outlet was probably one of the hardest jobs I’ve ever done and would leave me in tears every night. One of those nights I was walking up the stairs of my apartment and saw a pair of Prada boots in the trash and couldn’t believe my eyes, what I saw was pure gold, in the trash. I quickly pulled them out of the trash, I sold the boots, holes and all, on eBay for a cool $85.00. I knew I was onto something and decided I wanted to start a consignment company.  The only issue was new companies were popping up faster than I could count with loads of money backing their brands. As a 23-year old fresh out of college, I didn’t know how to compete. I opted to take Marie Forelo’s B-School with the only savings I had and read a book she recommended, “Blue Ocean Strategy”. I finally understood that in order to stand out in the industry, I needed to be different, I needed a blue ocean. A few months later a Chanel collector approached me with a $2 Million dollar Chanel collection and my blue ocean came to fruition before my eyes.

Dumpster diving, thrift stores

and starting Designer Vault

out of my garage has now manifested

into a family-owned business

 where customers are the

most precious of commodities

and where the most

sought after Chanel collection

in the country can be found...

All wasn’t glitz and glam at the Designer Vault home office and by home, I mean literally working out of my garage. As a small business owner all facets of Designer Vault’s operations are deeply rooted in my personal beliefs, such as offering exceptional customer service, high consignment payouts, the most sought after selection of Chanel items, a 14-day return policy, international shipping and in-house inspection for authenticity. So, when people ask why our customers trust us, the answer is quite simple – the consigners and customers trust the Designer Vault family.

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