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// Published Feb 14 2017

Is That Birkin Real? There’s an App for That!

How many times have you said to yourself, “I wonder if that Hermes/Chanel/etc. is real?”


Hermes Birkin BagAdmittedly, when browsing the inter-webs late at night this is a question that comes across many of our minds whether it’s from a “vetted” marketplace such as The RealReal or an open marketplace such as eBay. How can you trust the authenticity of the product being sold to you or can you? Many companies including Tradesy, Vestaire Collective and even The RealReal claim to have ‘a team of authenticators’ on staff but, who are they?

The easiest way to instantly, well almost instantly authenticate a luxury handbag has arrived…enter, Entrupy.
If you’re looking for a pre-owned luxury handbag you know how scary it can be hitting the ‘buy’ button on a website you’ve never heard of, someone you don’t know or a private e-Bay seller. With the amount of super fakes flooding the market it’s no surprise that potential shoppers shy away from these marketplaces in fear of being duped. Sadly, this is an everyday occurrence, which is why when I started my company, Designer Vault, authenticity is was an is our number one priority and why we found the perfect marriage with Entrupy.


“Entrupy takes the emotion out of authentication. It is either 100% authentic or it isn’t.”

– Christina Samoylov, Designer Vault"


 Authenticating luxury handbags has never been easier because Entrupy takes the guesswork out of authentication and narrows down authentication to five easy to follow steps…


  1. Place the device directly on the item
  2. Open the Entrupy app on your smartphone or tablet
  3. Follow the onscreen prompts in the app area to take images
  4. Artificial Intelligence algorithms analyze the images to determine authenticity
  5. Receive the results in real-time, typically 60 seconds.

So how accurate is Entrupy? 96.4% to be exact. Seems like a complicated task to conquer and we asked exactly what you’re thinking, “How?”

Entrupy uses your microscopic images taken of the item your authenticating, magnifies them then compares those to over 1,000,000 reference photos of real & fake handbags they’ve personally sourced from all over the world all the way from the late 1800’s. The algorithms run then give you an answer whether your item is authentic or un-verified.

Just to be sure, we’ve tested the device on a Chanel boy bag for you to see.

 In the ever evolving world of technology, it was just a matter of time before there was an app to authenticate luxury handbags. Seems too good to be true, right? With the amount of super fakes surfacing throughout the world it’s no wonder such app/device known as Entrupy, has been met with such skepticism. As a professional authenticator (pre-Entrupy) and a first-hand user who has authenticated thousands of handbags, I can say with confidence Entrupy can beat the human eye any day of the week.

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