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// Published Jul 08 2016

How To Care For Satin

Chanel handbags are true luxury items. Especially when they are made with luxurious satin! A Chanel evening bag in delicate satin fabric will be much more of a unique piece than one made from traditional leather. However, satin requires more care. Not just upkeep, but caution as well. We have some great tips on how to care for your satin handbag.


Whether your handbag is made from satin, leather or lizard, the most important part of maintenance is protection. Protection from weather may be the most manageable. Satin is very susceptible to water damage, so make sure to keep your bag covered by an umbrella or jacket when it's raining. The tiny fibers of satin can also snag fairly easy. Be cautious of the jewelry you wear with your satin Chanel bag and what you lean your bag against. 

Treating Stains

Satin is very lightweight and delicate, making it rather prone to stains. Unlike leather, these stains are a lot less forgiving. Simple things like the lotion on your hands or the perfume you spritzed on can stain your satin Chanel handbag. Just giving yourself a longer amount of time between applying and carrying your bag can save you from some pretty challenging stains. Any stain that does transpire, regardless of how minor, should be taken to a specialized care professional. If you're willing to take the chance on a home remedy, there is one method that has been proven to work in some cases. Mixing a small amount of detergent, such as Resolve Spray N Wash or Woollite, with equal parts water can help dissolve the occasional minor stain. Make sure to dip the corner of a soft cloth into the solution, not heavily saturated, and blot the stain. Let the bag air dry and repeat if necessary. For large or set in stains, it's best to take your bag to a specialized cleaner.

Snags and Tears

Satin is a luxurious fabric for a reason. It's silky, smooth and extremely lightweight. The fibers aren't woven as close together as heavy duty fabrics, which makes satin more susceptible to snags and tears. With a satin handbag, you should be more cautious as to how you handle the bag, what you set it against and what you wear with it. For example, if you're carrying a satin Chanel bag while wearing a blouse with sequin or crystal detailing, your bag is more likely to get snagged as opposed to you wearing a silk blouse. Satin handbags are best kept as evening or special occasion bags to keep them in their very best shape!


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