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// Published Jun 24 2016

How To Care For Patent Leather

When thinking of resilient leather, patent definitely comes to mind! Purchasing a patent leather Chanel clutch means you’re investing in easy upkeep and a dependable bag. Making patent leather last a lifetime can be done! We’re here to give you some tips and tricks on how to care for your patent leather.


Basic Care

Basic care of any leather product will help preserve it, keeping it in tip top condition for the long haul! Patent leather is remarkably easy to take care of. For regular maintenance, cleansing with a damp cloth or patent leather cleaner can work wonders. For stubborn dust and smudging, spray a cloth with Windex and buff away the grime. Always dry immediately after with a fresh, dry cloth.

Removing Scuffs

Patent leather is far more resistant to marks and stains than some other, more delicate leathers. However, it can be prone to color transfer and light scuffing. One at home remedy that has worked for ages is petroleum jelly! For a small scuff, use a Q-tip. For a bigger mark, apply a very light layer of petroleum jelly to a paper towel. Use a moderate amount of pressure and buff the mark away. Make sure to use a soft, dry cloth to wipe off any excess residue. Petroleum jelly can also prevent the patent leather from cracking or drying out in hot climates.




Some scuffs and stains will penetrate the leather below the surface. Unlike other leathers, there is no cleaner or conditioner that will slowly buff away hard stains or deep discoloration. Long term wear can cause discoloration, as well as long-term exposure to sunlight. This type of discoloration that is irreversible without professional help. An experienced handbag specialist, like Leather Surgeons, may be able to fix the issue.




Surprisingly, most damage occurs during storage! Extended time pressed against another leather or plastic can cause color transfer. Say you set your Chanel patent leather bag on your end table, on top of the latest Vogue. Leave it there for a couple of days and you may see the words ‘Vogue’ transferred to the bottom of your bag! Always store your patent leather in its original dustbag. This will keep dust, grime and moisture from ruining the bag. To maintain the shape of your bag, make sure to store the bag in an upright position as well.



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