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// Published Feb 25 2016

21 Ways to Wear a Chanel Vintage Necklace

A necklace is the simplest way to take any outfit to the next level. They’re such an easy way to dress up your style. But finding fresh ways to wear a vintage necklace can be difficult, especially if it's a statement piece! Mixing it up can really transform an outfit into something exceptional. Here are some new ideas to amp up your outfits with your vintage Chanel necklaces.


Chanel Vintage Ruby Pearl Pendant Necklace

1. High and Tight

Show off your vintage statement necklace in a really eye catching way by placing it on top of a buttoned up, collared shirt. Clasp it high on the neck so that it frames your collar.

Chanel Vintage Quilted Handbag Necklace

2. Pretty Pendants

Are you as obsessed with classic quilted Chanel bags as we are? Necklaces with unique pendants can we worn with casual outfits or elegant dresses. Find pendants that reflect who you are and what you love and you'll never want to leave the house without it! 

Chanel Vintage Pink Crystal Sautoir Necklace

3. Make It A Double

Turn a long, sautoir into a double strand necklace! Wrap it around twice, so that the bottom strand hangs lower than the top. You can tighten the top strand as close to your neck as you'd like, even making it into a choker! 

Chanel Vintage Crystal Leather Choker

4. Chambray, You Say?

Pair a bold statement necklace with a chambray shirt. The chambray fabric will soften up even a vintage leather choker! Extra points if it’s a sparkly necklace!

Chanel Vintage Leather Lucky Charm Necklace

5. Be Charming!

Want to add a little charm to your outfit? Grab a charm necklace and you’re good to go! Want a truly unique version? Collect charms you love and add them to a chain or necklace you already have lying in your jewelry box to make it your own.

Chanel Vintage Red Gripoix Beaded Necklace

6. Go Bold!

Don’t be intimidated by pairing a bold necklace with a bold print! Turquoise or red jewelry can be paired with anything from leopard to gingham!

Chanel Vintage Red Green Beaded Necklace

7. Mix & Match

Mix and match different shapes. Using the same color scheme makes it all flow together seamlessly, like we did with our Chanel Vintage Multicolored Beaded Necklace and Chanel Vintage Gold Green Red Crystal Beaded Necklace.

Chanel Vintage Laser Cut Statement Necklace

8. In the Details

Statement necklaces don’t need to have too much detail. Wearing this laser cut logo choker makes just as big of a statement as a gigantic jewel would! Keep it simple while still keeping all eyes on you.

Chanel Vintage Pearl Statement Choker

9. Don't Go Bare!

Dress up a plain tee with a little pizzaz. A colorful, embellished choker can give a bare outfit a glamorous feeling. 

Chanel Vintage Navy Blue Faux Pearl

10. Layer It Up!

Layer! Mix necklaces in different lengths, but similar colors for a truly unique look! Similar to this pairing of our Chanel Faux Navy Pearl Necklace and Chanel Vintage Blue Pearl Necklace. This is the perfect way for you to wear all the vintage pearls that have been handed down to you!

Chanel Vintage Lucky Charm Belt Necklace

11. Decorate Your Waist

Want to truly adorn your outfit in a new and interesting way? Clasp a necklace with a longer chain around your waist for a fresh way to rock that flashy piece! 

Chanel Vintage Camellia Floral Resin Necklace

12. Precious Petals

With Coachella right around the corner, skip the floral headband and rock a vintage floral necklace instead. 

Chanel Vintage Pearl Gripoix Crystal Closure Necklace

13. Show Off The Back

Necklaces don’t always have to look cute from just the front! Pull your hair up and grab a necklace with detailing near the clasp. Beat the heat and still look chic!

Chanel Vintage Multi Strand Gold Pearl Necklace

14. Add To Your Graphics

Dress up a graphic tee! Wear a necklace in the same tone as the graphic, top with a blazer, and off with the girls you go!

Chanel Vintage Faux Pearl Gold Coin Necklace

15. A Classic Twist

Mix up your classic pearls. Pairing pearls with metal necklaces is a trendy way to add depth to your outfit. Some necklaces even do the mixing for you!

Chanel Vintage Yellow Beaded Necklace

16. Light And Bright

A bright necklace on top of a simple or dark shirt is an awesome, unexpected twist! Vintage necklaces featuring beads in different transparencies or chain link necklaces in off-beat, bright colors will also do the trick!

Chanel Vintage Purple Faux Pearl Choker Necklace
17. String On The Pearls!

Pearls are always a classic look. You can keep it simple with ivory, stay pretty in pink, or add a modern twist with a vintage purple option.

Chanel Vintage Rhinestone Heart Pendant Necklace 

18. Shine Bright!

Don't think diamonds and rhinestones are only meant for special occasions! Break out the diamond necklace your Grandma handed down to you and wear it out to dinner. Keep the rest of the outfit simple to really let the necklace speak.

Chanel Vintage Blue Gripoix Sautoir Necklace

19. Two In One!

A necklace doesn't just have to be worn around your neck. A two in one jewelry option is always better than a simple one! Wrap a long chicklet around your wrist and turn it into a unique bracelet! Bear in mind, a clasping necklace works best for easy removal. 

Chanel Vintage Spyglass Gold Tone Necklace

20. One Of A Kind

Easiest way to make a tee-shirt look fancy? Throw on some heels and a unique gold necklace, like this vintage spyglass! Jewelry is the easiest way to dress up an outfit and a bold necklace is so effortless.

Chanel Vintage Pink Gripoix CC Logo Cross Pendant Necklace

21. Add A Pop Of Color

A colorful poured glass gripoix necklace can add just the right splash of color to your LBD or office attire. 




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