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// Published Feb 05 2016

Top Valentine's Day Gift Picks


1. Chanel Crystal Pearl Bow Barrette

This crystal and pearl embellished vintage bow will add the cutest little touch to any girls ensemble. This delicate barrette is as beautiful as a tiara, which makes it a fabulous gift idea for the princess in your life! She'll love the fact that she can wear this all year round and never stop thinking of you.

Crystal Bow Barette

2. Chanel Red Lambskin Leather Maxi Flap Bag

An understated bag that is bursting with color is absolutely perfect for your fun-loving firecracker! Even if you're headed out for a casual night, this bag will add an elegant balance. The buttery smooth, lambskin leather will be impossible for her to put down for years to come!

Chanel Red Lambskin Maxi Flap Bag

3. Chanel Early Vintage 1920's Brooch

 This brooch will really set her heart on fire! Show her how much you love her with this vintage brooch from the roaring twenties that just radiates love! She can place it at the lowest point of her neckline or on the waist of her skirt. This brooch will forever add a classic touch to all of her looks.

Chanel Vintage Early 20s Brooch

4. Chanel Floral Red CC Scarf

Better than a bouquet, a Chanel floral scarf will last as long as your love. Even a light scarf can be worn on a chilly February evening or a warm spring day. She can attach this beautiful scarf to her bag or drape it across her shoulders. This simple piece will put a fresh spin on any outfit.

Chanel Floral Red Scarf

5. Chanel Vintage Heart CC Logo Dangle Earrings

These subtle earrings are great if you're looking for an understated way to incorporate a bit more romance into your gift. Earrings are the simplest way for any woman to add a feminine touch to their look and these vintage Chanel dangle earrings are sure to show her your heart of gold. 

Chanel Vintage Heart Earring

6. Chanel Patent Leather T-Strap Chain Sandals

No body holds a candle to a girl in red high heels! These peep toes are sure to make your girl feel extra special, not just on Valentine's Day but any time she goes out in these. Featuring patent leather and chain details, you'll love her in them as much as she'll love wearing them!

 Chanel Patent Leather T-Strap Sandal


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