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// Published Jan 18 2016

The seven most popular Chanel bags ever and why they'll never go out of style

Navigating through the plethora of Chanel Bags at your fingertips can be intimidating. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you learn everything you need to know before purchasing your very own! We took a look at the most popular styles and we’ll show you why they're here to stay.



Chanel PST Tote 

7. The Petite Shopping Tote – AKA the PST

The little sister of the notorious Grand Shopping Tote, this is a more modern and chic alternative. It’s smooth, light, and durable. This practical bag will quickly become your go-to for every errand you run.


 Chanel Medallion Tote

6. The Medallion Tote 

Featuring the quintessential Chanel logo front and center! This one is hard to miss, even in a neutral color. Made to fit into the crook of your arm, this is a simple way to give any outfit in your closet a little oomph.



Chanel Kelly Bag

5. The Kelly Bag

A fashionable spin on your average work bag, this professional style will have all eyes on you. Named after Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly, this bag will bring a touch of class to your work ensemble. Chanel hasn't designed this bag in many years, making the Kelly Bag a highly covetable item. 


Chanel Vintage Lizard Skin Camera Bag

4. The Camera Bag

This elusive option has popped back on the scene after spending over a decade off the radar. Classic, reissued, shoulder bag, crossbody, tassel, or standard zip, there's no way you can go wrong! The Camera Bag will hold all your necessities for years to come.


 Chanel Patent WOC Bag

3. The Wallet On Chain - AKA the WOC

Minimal, elegant, and timeless, this bag will be the most versatile bag you'll ever own. Essentially a WOC is equivalent to carrying a crossbody bag, shoulder bag, messenger bag, clutch, and wallet all in one! This bag is constantly being reinvented, sure to quickly become your next wardrobe staple.


Chanel Lambskin Leather Boy Bag

2. The Boy Bag

Adding a touch of masculinity to their usual style, Chanel still seems to keep it feminine. Perfect for any lady trying to add a bit of edge to her personal style! A more daring form of the WOC, the Boy Bag has gained massive popularity in the last few years.


Pre-Owned: Chanel Caviar Leather Jumbo Flap Bag

1. The Flap Bag

Maxi flap, medium flap, mini flap, any flap! This is easily the most iconic Chanel bag of all time, even more popular now than it was in 1955. The classic 2.55 featured this famous flap. The Flap Bag is probably one of the best investments you could make. Getting marked up year after year, holding on to this classic could produce quite a profit in the future!



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