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// Published Nov 06 2015

Why Do Savvy Buyers From Around The Globe Trust Designer Vault?

Blame It On Barneys
Lauren from, Blame It On Barneys Rocking Her Vintage Chanel Purchased From Designer Vault


Designer Vault has become the go-to trusted source dedicated exclusively to classic, rare and vintage Chanel. Some might ask: “Why Chanel?” While others may find the answer to be a “no-brainer”, the answer didn’t come quite as easily.

In 2011, Founder, Christina Samoylov, started Designer Vault with an idea…to start an online consignment store where she could pass on her savvy business sense to customers along with savings. This idea was brought about in an era of hyper growth in the resell market and made Designer Vault to go back to the drawing board. A graduate of The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, Christina did not have the business savvy of many of the peers that were soaring through rounds of VC funding in 2011. So rather than enrolling in an MBA program, Christina enrolled in Marie Forleo’s renowned B-School program. Throughout the course, Marie Forleo had recommended the book, “Blue Ocean Strategy” by Renee Mauborgne and W.Chan Kim. It was when a light bulb went off, - Designer Vault needed to be different. Designer Vault needed its own blue ocean. However, with little funding and business experience that question begged for an answer. An answer came unexpectedly when a collector emerged with a bevvy of vintage Chanel products and Designer Vault could clearly see the blue ocean for itself.

All wasn’t glitz and glam at the Designer Vault home office and by home, Christina literally started working out of her garage. There was still a missing piece to the puzzle. Christina’s background stemmed long in the luxury retail markets with companies such as Tiffany & Co and Nordstrom as well as corporate fashion experience. The missing puzzle was the business savvy and knowhow of well-versed Business Manager. In 2014, the puzzle was clearly put together when Kon and Christina Samoylov became the husband and wife team that successfully run Designer Vault today. Kon Samoylov is currently the Business Manager of Designer Vault while, Christina has assumed the role of the Creative Director.

As a family owned and run business all facets of Designer Vault’s operations are deeply rooted in the personal beliefs of the founder such as offering exceptional customer service, high consignment payouts, the most sought after collection of Chanel items, a 14-day return policy, international shipping and in-house inspection for authenticity. So, when you ask why savvy buyers from around the globe trust Designer Vault? It’s quite simple – the consigners and customers trust the Designer Vault family.




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