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// Published Jul 08 2015

Shop Chanel Vintage Bags And Accessories Right Now on Designer Vault

Outfits are made to show off your personality. The elements tell the story about who you are, where you are headed and how you want to be treated. In most cases they also help make a statement. We also know that no outfit is complete without accessories.

In the case of high-end events, there is one classic that will always help you stand out: Chanel vintage bags and accessories. But they can also offer a helping hand to the everyday look of any strong business woman.

Getting noticed at an evening event

Think of that sparkling chandelier as you walk up the stairs to the next cocktail party you attend. While you are admiring how light bounces of the crystals, everybody is admiring you. They all know that something sets you apart from the rest of the crowd but they can't put their finger on it. We can!

Designer Vault is here to offer you the Chanel vintage bags that will make the right statement for you. Imagine yourself wearing this Satin Bejeweled Bag from the 2003-2004 collection.

It can be worn as a clutch or with the signature gold tone chain and white leather wrist strap. Order it now and make the most out of your next social event.

For a stronger look, Designer Vault recommends the Chanel molded patent clutch. With its dark green leather and the tear drop shape, it will set you apart from the rest of the attendees at the event.

In short, it is a novelty that awaits for you to acquire it. Seize the opportunity of the latest offer for this 2008 model. Show your edge with the finest accessories on the market.

Chanel vintage bags for your business meetings

Show them you have something different to offer. That's one of the first tips you've received for closing a deal. If presenting them your strategy is not enough, show them you are something else. Completing your business outfit with a designer purse sends a clear message regarding where you stand.

Everyone respects an independent woman that invests in her appearance, especially one that runs her own business and understands how every aspect of a lunch with clients can be crucial. The burlap briefcase bag is a more classical approach to differentiating yourself from the competition. This way, everyone will always take you seriously when you will try to get your message across to them.

The must-have of any wardrobe

In the end, when you want to climb the social ladder in the world, you need to have the right image first. Investing in Chanel vintage bags and accessories is a great way to make sure you are always ready for any high-end event or hard business meeting.

Let your personality glow with the large variety of clutches, satchels and bags offered by Design Vault. Make a statement at every event. Let your look tell the first words of your story.



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