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// Published Dec 26 2014

5 Things Every Woman Says To Convince Her Husband To Let Her Buy A Chanel Bag

 #1 It's An Investment

You know like that portfolio you have? Yeah, it’s like that but I get to use it, enjoy it, love it and guess what? When I go to sell it? I don’t have penalties to taxes and can use that money to upgrade because if I keep it long enough I can sell it for more than I paid.


#2 They Aren’t Going to Have This Bag EVER again, EVER! (Did I say, EVER!?)

We’ve all been there, staring at that to die for Chanel boy bag and the salesperson convinces you this was a surprise shipment and there is a waiting list a mile long for this bag. If you don’t get this bag today you will lose all chance, all hope of ever owning this bag---EVER!


#3 I Want to Pass it Down to My Daughter, Granddaughter, Daughter-in-law (Maybe Not...)

Because, when the Mr. isn’t buying you diamonds what better substitute than Chanel? You bought your first vintage Chanel at a consignment store but want your daughter to actually say her mother gave her first Chanel. Instant cool mom, check.


#4 I Swear I Will Never Buy Another Bag EVER Again!

This is probably the biggest lie ever which is why most every husband I have ever heard receive this as a point of reason, immediately follows with laughter, that kind of  uncontrollable laughter that just can't be contained kind of laughter. While this bag may hold you off for a few months, like a salad buffet in Texas, we all know you’re going back for seconds.


#5 I Might Actually DIE If I Don’t Get This Bag…

Oh to the extremes we will go if we don’t get this bag, right now. As women we could probably use these exurbanite acting skills to land an actual role in lieu of a lifelong supply of Chanel.


Hopefully, you got a good laugh from this article. Over the many years of working in the consignment and fashion industry these are just some of the things that I’ve heard women tell their boyfriends/husbands/significant others.



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