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// Published Jun 14 2016

Real Women Wear Chanel Featuring Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger Paulina Morales


Not only is she a business woman by day, she’s a fashionista by night! From fashion to beauty to wedding inspiration, Paulina Morales has you covered. Her amazing blog, lilbitsofchic.com, she reveals how she builds affordable outfits while mixing in a couple high end items to tie it all together. This is all while giving us some great beauty bits and lifestyle tips!


When she’s not working or attending a fabulous event, you can catch her in her city of San Diego. Looking casual on the boardwalk of Coronado and staying chic while running errands around Seaport Village. Dying to know how she stays so polished while incorporating Chanel into the mix, we caught up with her to ask her a couple questions!


What is your key to incorporating more style into the work place?

Since I work in a professional setting, I incorporate style through accessories, like a nice handbag or cute earrings or through a touch of color. Not something too bright. 


In your opinion, what Chanel piece would be perfect for the office? 

A Chanel Shopper tote bag is perfect for the office because it is classic and is able to hold a professional woman's necessities like an agenda, notepad or iPad.


What are some easy ways to mix Chanel into your wardrobe?

Chanel pretty much goes with everything from a basic tee and jeans to an elegant dress. A Chanel handbag, belt or jewelry will give any outfit an elegant touch.


What do you consider the most essential accessory to have in your closet?

Most essential accessory at the moment is a good pair of earrings that are versatile from daytime to nighttime. I always find myself wearing gold stud earrings that I forget to take off when I head out for drinks, but that's the great thing about them, they blend in perfectly.


What would you consider to be one Chanel item that is worth the investment?

The Chanel Classic Flap Bag in either black or nude because it doesn't go out of style and it goes up in retail price year after year. It's also a handbag that can be passed down to the next generation (something I hope to do).


Who is your style muse?

My all-time style muse is Jackie O'. She always looked elegant, whether she was in a gown or walking the streets of New York. She had that effortless but well-put together look.


Paulina's Top Picks From Designer Vault

Paulina rocking our Chanel Vintage Beige Lambskin Leather Medium Double Flap Bag



One of Paulina's favorite styles, the Chanel Red Caviar Leather City Shopper Tote Bag



Paulina with our Chanel Red Soft Caviar Leather Maxi Flap Bag


Looking for a gorgeous dress to wear to a summer wedding? Or do you just need some everyday outfit inspiration? Head over to Pualina's blog at lilbitsofchic.com!



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