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// Published Jun 09 2016

How To Care For Caviar Leather

Caviar leather is known as one of the most resilient. Easy to care for and practically worry free! Just hearing stories about Chanel caviar leather bags, you’ll learn that people have them for years and years and the bag will still look brand new, without any treatment or upkeep. Investing in a Chanel caviar leather bag is a no brainer! However, the occasional mishap does happen. That’s why we’re here to tell you how to take care of your caviar leather. 


Chanel Care Instructions // Designer Vault


Caviar leather is known to be extremely tough. Unlike other leather, caviar doesn’t show scratches or wear as easily. However, if not carried and stored properly, this isn’t the case. When buying a new Chanel bag, care instructions will be included. These instructions give the best tips on how to store and care for your caviar leather bag. Make sure to store your leather bag upright, in the original dustbag/box and to tuck the chains inside, as they can mark or dent the leather. Fill your handbag to hold shape, but don’t over-fill, because this may cause irreversible damage to the shape of the bag. Regarding care for the leather, avoid contact with water, grease and oils. Always pat water to absorb it, do not wipe and minor scratches can be gently rubbed away with a clean, dry finger!



Chanel Leather Color Transfer // Designer Vault

Color Transfer

One problem with light colored caviar leather is that it can be very sensitive. White and beige handbags can easily turn yellow from sun exposure. They’re also very susceptible to color transfer. That’s when the color from another item, such as your denim jeans or black jacket, rubs off onto your light colored caviar. To treat minor color transfer, a good conditioner applied lightly over time can fade the color from the leather. Be sure to use sparingly and apply onto a cloth first, not directly onto your bag. 


Chanel Leather Surface Stains // Designer Vault

Surface Stains

Protecting your caviar leather bag from the outside world is one thing, but protecting it from yourself might be a bit harder! Spills or even the natural oils from your hands can leave stains. Chanel bags with top handles are the most susceptible to discoloration due to the natural oils from your hands. Chanel suggests removing greasy marks with unscented talcum. Sprinkle the talcum over the mark and leave it to sit overnight. In the morning, gently brush it off with a perfectly clean makeup brush or similar.



Chanel Leather Restoration // Designer VaultChanel Leather Restoration // Designer Vault


Even the best of us can’t keep our bag in perfect condition, unless it’s never used. But let’s face it, we need to show off our Chanel! There will eventually come a time, maybe years and years down the road that your caviar leather Chanel bag will need some professional help. For more serious cases, such as heavy wear or tears to leather, it’s best to take it to the Chanel boutique or a leather care specialist. Services such as a PH balance or color restoration can brings your caviar leather back to life!



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