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// Published May 12 2016

8 Chanel Travel Bags For Spring

Whether you’re looking for the perfect carry-on or a haul-everything-to-the-beach tote, Chanel has some ideal bags, perfect for all of your travel plans! With options ranging from structured and organized, to totes that will contain every last thing you decide to throw in at the last minute. We’ve compiled the eight Chanel travel bags you need this spring!


Chanel Grey Polyester Duffle Bag

This chic Chanel duffle bag can hold numerous clothing changes and shoe options! Not to mention the pockets inside and out for mid-journey access. With a tough polyester fabric exterior and practically indestructible canvas interior, you’ll be able to fill this duffle to its brim!



Chanel Lambskin Leather Doctors Satchel

Traveling on a bus, train, or trekking across water on a ferry? Lugging around anything too big seems unreasonable, but bringing everything you need is necessary! This old school, doctor style Chanel bag is like a magic hat! It opens wide enough to find things quickly and easily. Not to mention, this satchel can be unfastened on the sides, raising higher to add even more storage space!


Chanel Vintage Lips Tote Bag

Perfect for the beach! With a vinyl exterior, you won’t have to worry about sand getting into all the crevices of fabric. This tote features a huge interior, big enough to carry a couple magazines, a water bottle, sunscreen, Frisbee, and your favorite floppy hat. And did we mention the adorable print?!


Chanel Brown Wool Tote Bag

Not only is this bag perfect if you need to keep everything structured and organized, but with a removable compartment, it’s like two travel bags in one! Store anything from your makeup, toiletries, or electronics in the removable middle pouch to make it more easily portable.


Chanel Gingham Weekender Tote Bag

How cute would this tote look in the country? Fill this Chanel Gingham Weekender Tote with all of your outfit changes, gadgets, and weekend essentials. You’ll be sure to fit it all! The leather rolled handles are perfect for carrying this bag around and they can also be slipped snuggly around your shoulder for easy toting.


Chanel Naked Vinyl Flap Bag

Get through TSA in lightening speed! This clear Chanel bag is perfect as a carry on and Chanel doesn’t call this a jumbo flap bag for no reason! Measuring 13”L x 8.75” x 4” D, store everything you need on the plane ride in this bad boy.


Chanel Blue Python Hobo Bag

This Chanel bag is ideal for hauling everything you and the kids need for a day at the park! This chic, python hobo bag has a zippered pocket to keep a couple granola bars, two pouches to keep your cell phone and keys right where you can find them, and a front pocket to keep anything your kids throw at you last minute!


Chanel Glazed Leather On The Road XL Tote

Talk about a tote made for traveling! This Chanel on the road tote has more than enough room for everything you decide to bring on your next outing. The gentle leather straps make this a breeze to carry around and the glazed leather fabric is sure to last a lifetime! 



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