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// Published May 04 2016

Seven Essential Chanel Bags You Need For Work

If there is one thing every women needs to bring to work, it’s a fabulous bag…that will hold everything else she thinks she needs to bring to work! Whether you carry a lot or a little, you can guarantee Chanel has created a bag that is the perfect fit for work!


The Executive Cerf Tote

With a generous amount of room and a removable zippered pouch inside, this bag is ideal for any busy bee! Not only can you keep all of your work essentials inside, you can slip your phone and keys into the front or back exterior pockets, then remove the pouch and run into the department store! This little Chanel tote is so chic, it will transition flawlessly from work to dinner!


Bright O-Case Pouch

Perfect for fast paced jobs, especially in the vibrant fashion industry! With a quilted interior, your laptop, notepad and all of your business cards will be safe and stylish. Slip this under your arm and your hands are free to carry your coffee and send all your emails!


Classic Tweed Shoulder Bag

Need a work bag that will stand the test of time? One that has never and will never go out of style? Well the a Chanel bag in classic tweed fabric is the right choice for you! Available in such a large range of colors and sizes, you can go neutral or bright, small or large. You have a lot of wiggle room with this one!


Vintage Caviar Leather Tote

Caviar is the perfect type of leather for a work bag. Durable and stylish, you really can’t go wrong. Vintage Chanel tote bags give a whisper of elegant style with a little bit of edge. It’s best if your vintage Chanel tote is structured, so that you’re paperwork won’t become rumpled and it will be easier for you to keep everything neatly organized.


Neutral Doctor's Bag

Don’t be fooled, you don’t need to be a doctor to carry a doctor’s bag! This one is perfect for the girl who is always on the run, because you can throw everything into this bag and nothing will get lost! It’s an intriguing style with a wide opening and more than enough room for all of your office essentials


Sleek Document Holder

Perfect for a more simplistic lifestyle. This sleek Chanel document holder will keep all of your paperwork perfectly stored and neatly organized with pouches and zippered compartments. This Chanel document holder can fit more than you would think, your MacBook Air can slip in there as well!


The Traditional Flap Bag

Easily tote all of your essentials and then some! The classic Chanel flap bag is available in a plethora of sizes and colors, with more choices than ever before! Need help finding a size? Try our ultimate Chanel flap bag sizing guide! The traditional flap bag never goes out of style, so you will look effortlessly polished every single day!




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