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// Published Apr 14 2016

How To Sell Your Gently Used Chanel Items To A High-End Consignment Store

It's inevitable that with spring here and summer approaching, you'll be swapping out your fall staples with some fresh new pieces. If you're doing a little spring cleaning, you might as well make money from your gently used Chanel! Selling your pre-loved Chanel items is a bit of a different process than selling your average bags and accessories. You need to know a variety of specific details to show your items are authentic, know your pieces and know the market. Selling to a high-end consignment store is your best bet! But don't worry, we're here to break down exactly how to sell your gently used Chanel items to a high-end consignment store like Designer Vault!

1. Do Your Research!

Chanel Hologram Sticker/Serial NumberChanel Date Code on Jewelry

Before you jump into the resale pool, you need to know how to stay afloat. Knowing that you're getting a good price for your gently used Chanel is essential, so you'll want to keep the market value in mind. First, determine the age of the item. You can do this by taking a look at the serial number of a bag and the Chanel stamp on jewelry. If you need a little guidance with serial numbers, this blog post will help. As for dating Chanel jewelry, this blog post gives some great information! The year of production and collection of the Chanel item are essential in determining the price point. Do a little research and find out how much your pieces are reselling for. 

2. Get Your Camera Ready

Chanel Suede Runway Mini Flap Bag - Designer Vault

The most important part of submitting your gently loved Chanel items to a high-end consignment company, the pictures! Make sure the area is well lit and preferably a solid background. Straightforward shots work best and don't forget to show any wear! An extra tip? Photograph any detail that signifies authenticity, such as a hologram sticker, date stamp or original tag.

3. Consignment or Buyout?

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What do you do when you're looking for the perfect Chanel piece? You shop around! Same goes for selling. Some companies offer consignment, some offer buyouts, while others offer both, like Designer Vault! Before you submit your pre-loved Chanel, determine which option you would prefer. If you're looking to get the highest payout for your item, consignment is the route to go. This requires a contract or agreement with the company. They will keep your item for a set amount of time and once it's sold, you'll get a certain percentage of the sale. You will be given a specific price range of what you will receive after the item is sold. If you're looking to sell your Chanel quickly, a buyout is for you. You will be offered a specific amount for your bag, take it or leave it. 

4. Submit, Submit, Submit!

Submit A Quote - Designer Vault

Once you find a couple of high-end consignment stores that sound good, submit to as many as you can. Most high-end consignment companies will have an online submission form, like ours. Submitting to a plethora of consignment companies gives you more options than just taking the first quote you're given. Designer Vault in particular offers very competitive commission rates. Happen to get a higher quote from someone else? We can price match! 

5. Wait Patiently

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High-end consignment companies typically boast quote times of 24-48 hours. However, if you have waited over three days, contacting customer service is your best bet. Using a high-end consignment company with fast quotes and great customer service is important to most people. Here at Designer Vault, we always get back to you within 24 hours and we also have an online chat to help you through the process!

6. Time To Ship!

Chanel Suede Runway Mini Flap Bag With Box At Designer Vault

Now that you've received all of your quotes and have chosen the best option, it's time to say goodbye to your gently used Chanel! Don't forget to make a note of how long your quote is good for. Some companies will provide you with a quote that expires after a certain amount of days, so ship quickly! Follow the company procedure for payment, shipment, find out if you need to pay for shipping and which mail service they would prefer you to use. At Designer Vault, we provide complimentary shipping and if you're in the SoCal area and you're sending in 10 or more items, we offer our VIP in-home pickup! Whether you've chosen a buyout or put your Chanel item up for consignment, all there's left to do is sit back, relax and enjoy making cash from your closet!


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