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// Published Apr 07 2016

Chanel Authentication: Learn How To Spot A Fake

Buying your first Chanel bag can be scary, because lets face it - if youre searching for the perfect one online, you might not be entirely sure its authentic. The Chanel brand has distinguished itself as one of the most classic and sought after. This also makes them subject to the growing counterfeit industry. Authentic Chanel pieces are known for their quality and impressive array of styles. But theyre also known for a few other specific touches..

The CC Turnlock

Chanel CC Turnlock Closure - Designer Vault

One of the most obvious indications of a Chanel handbag is the CC or Mademoiselle turnlock closure. On an authentic Chanel bag, the top of the right C will always overlap the left and fall underneath the bottom of the left C. The two C's will never be blended together.

The Quilting

 Chanel Quilting - Designer Vault

If the Chanel bag you’re looking to purchase is quilted, take note! There will always be 9-11 stitches per inch. The high stitch count helps maintain durability and keeps the quilting flat as opposed to looking puffy. The quilting will also match up evenly throughout the entire bag.

The Hologram Sticker And Authenticity Card

 Chanel Date Code/Hologram Sticker/Serial Number - Designer Vault

Taking your first peek inside of an authentic Chanel handbag, you’ll want to find the hologram sticker. However, if you’re looking at a vintage Chanel, the hologram stickers weren’t introduced until 1984. When you compare the serial number on the sticker to the authenticity card, they will match up. The authenticity card will feel similar to a credit card and have a gold outline, which will never display a rainbow hue when held up to the light.

The Hardware

Chanel Suede Runway Mini Flap Bag At Designer Vault

Taking a look at the hardware of an authentic Chanel bag, the color of the metal will be consistent throughout. The tone of the CC turn lock, zippers, chain straps, and interior markings will all be the same. If the Chanel handbag does have a CC turnlock, the back plate will be engraved with ‘CHANEL’ and ‘PARIS’ as well as being secured with flathead screws.

The Lining

Chanel Interior Lining - Designer Vault

The interior of an authentic Chanel handbag will be just as beautifully crafted as the exterior. The lining will lay flat and you will never be able to pull the lining away from the interior of the bag. It lays so nicely that it will never bubble or crease.



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