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// Published Mar 24 2016

Chanel Consignment Online: Top Chanel Investment Pieces To Add To Your Wardrobe

Chanel online consignment might save your life! Well, it will definitely save your wallet. Yes, we've all been there - seeing this seasons new bag and just needing it. And this seasons hottest shoes...and jacket! Sadly, that will cost most of us our rent and we'll wind up being that lady who lived in her shoes! We're left to figuring out a way to mix high and low end brands and still look chic. The only problem is deciding which pieces to invest in! You want to make sure an investment piece is worth every penny, preferably the least amount of pennies as possible. Also, that it will see the light of day more than once..and who wouldn't want to show off their Chanel! 


Chanel Beige Lambskin Chocolate Bar Flap Bag

The Classic Flap Bag

A classic Chanel flap bag is not only an iconic bag to carry, but it will outlive you! Seriously, you'll pass this bag down to your kids and even your grandkids! But this isn't just an investment in quality, it's an investment financially. Chanel bags, especially the classic flap bags, are known to resale at a much higher price point then it was originally retailed for. Finding a fabulous flap bag at an online consignment shop will not only score you a brilliant day-to-day bag, but a good consignment price later on!


Chanel Pearl Necklace 

The Precious Pearl Necklace

In true Chanel fashion, a pearl necklace will elevate any outfit! Miss Mademoiselle Chanel was rarely seen without a string of pearls and she never ceased to look polished and completely pulled together! The wonderful thing about an online consignment shop is that they'll have a plethora of options. Take Designer Vault for example, we offer pearl chokers, double strand, knotted pearls and even unique colors! A Chanel pearl necklace will become your staple accessory for years and years to come!


Chanel Ballet Flat Shoes 

The Chanel Flat

The best illustration of Coco's minimalistic style, the ballerina flat! Her two-toned shoes represent her timeless and understated elegance. Finding different color combinations, whether bright or beige, is super easy when there are pages and pages on an online consignment shop! 


Chanel Minaudiere Bag

An Incredible Minaudiere 

If you have the chance to get your hands on a minaudiere while you're out shopping, you're one of the lucky ones! These exquisite, limited edition pieces are so coveted, that they will sell out within hours. The only other way you'll get ahold of one? Through online Chanel consignment. A minaudiere is considered a collectable. Snag one of these and you won't go unnoticed! 


Chanel Vintage Blue Chicklet Necklace

A Chicklet Necklace

Not only is a sautoir chicklet necklace a beautiful gem when worn today, but it's been around for decades. When Coco Chanel first started in the fashion industry, she began making jewelry and a long, glass embellished chicklet was one of her first pieces. Vintage Chanel jewelry is a top item to consign, so you will definitely be able to find the perfect fit for you! To keep it updated, these long necklaces can be double wrapped and even worn as a bracelet!


Chanel Silver CC Logo Stud Button Earring

A Pair Of 'CC' Logo Stud Earrings

Well I know that when I was in high school, little designer stud earrings were the 'it' item...and that's been awhile! We all know that stud earrings in particular will be around forever, but taking it up a notch with a designer pair really pushes an outfit to the next level. The Chanel brand majorly switches up their accessories every season, yet you'll still find a pair of stud earrings in there! The perfect place to grab a classic or bright and fun pair? Anywhere they consign Chanel online, of course!


Chanel Wallet On Chain WOC Bag

The Dainty Wallet On Chain - WOC

By far one of Chanel's most versatile bags! A WOC can be worn as a clutch, shoulder, even as a crossbody bag! And like most sensible Chanel bags, these go like hotcakes! The best place to find one in classic black, boy design, or bright camellia? You guessed it - online! With so many options, finding the one you truly covet is going to be so much easier when you're able to flip through multiple styles and colors in an online consignment store. 



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