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// Published Mar 17 2016

Chanel Long Necklace: Classic or Pearl?

When you think of buying a Chanel long necklace, which factors come to mind? Do you look for elegance? Maybe a remarkable pendant? A sizable chain or embellished strand? Jewelry is the epitome of self expression and Chanel necklaces make a bold statement without going overboard. A long Chanel necklace doesn't need to be exceedingly showy to display how elegant and beautiful it truly is. You just have one major decision, classic or pearl?


Going with Classic

Classics are called classics for a reason, they have endured the test of time and still remain fabulous! They tend to be a bit more bold, but with soft touches. Classic pieces really give you room to showcase your personal style. Mademoiselle Chanel has designed many different styles of long necklaces that have become quintessential symbols of her brand. She first began designing her jewelry using glass beads and chain details. Very delicate, yet versatile. Something you could wear to easily dress up a simple t-shirt and jeans or compliment a cocktail dress!



Coco Chanel was revolutionary in mixing materials, bridging the gap between fine and costume jewelry. She would often use real gems, paired with poured glass details and occasionally faux pearls. If you're looking for something that encompasses a little bit of everything, this would definitely be it! 



In the later years, an abundance of pendants and charms became a popular style. Coco began incorporating iconic symbols from her brand into her jewelry. This is a great option if you like enjoy long necklaces that are a bit more eye catching! 



Persuing Pearls

As Jackie O once said, pearls are always appropriate! If you're looking for a true investment piece, pearls will never go out of style. Whether it's dressing for a quiet dinner with friends or a holiday party, pearls are a timeless choice that effortlessly elevate any ensemble! Mademoiselle Chanel was rarely seen without a string of pearls around her neck. If you truly want to pay homage to the Chanel brand, this is a fabulous choice.



Even though pearls are known for their simple elegance, Coco was never one to be dull! If you're looking for an even more feminine or extravagant take on a long pearl necklace, Chanel has designed many! Knotted, embellished pendants, and multi-strand options to name a few. 



Still worried pearls might be a little too much for a simple outfit? You can always go with a more muted pearl necklace. Chanel has designed long necklaces in every imaginable color. You could do with a dark blue or even a deep purple to add an understated pearl statement to your outfits.




Deciding on a Chanel long necklace is undeniably hard when you're faced with so many choices. Narrowing it down to a classic or pearl necklace is just the tip of the iceberg. This specialized look at each style has hopefully dwindled down your decision. But don't forget, we have so many options on our site that you're bound to find the right fit! 



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